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ASE ASE Certified Technicians

These credentials symbolize our commitment to our customers in both quality of work and ethical practices.
ASE OBD II Engine Diagnostics

Anybody can plug a scan tool into a vehicle and read codes. But do they know what the codes mean, how to diagnose the fault or, most importantly, how to fix the vehicle?

The problem with reading OBD II codes is that the code tells you only that a fault has occurred. It does not tell you why the fault occurred, what might be causing the problem, or what needs to be repaired or replaced..
State-of-the-art Diagnostic State-of-the-art Diagnostic

We take pride on using the latest technologies and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment. Coupled that with ALLDATA® we can diagnose and troubleshoot most complex problems in a fraction of the time that it takes other shops.
Factory-Scheduled Maintenance

We perform factory-scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes, tune-ups, and more extensive repairs such as powertrain, chassis and electrical, to maintain your car's warranty.

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Technician Thank you for inquiring about employment at Car Techniks. We are publishing this document on the Internet because we have such a large demand for employment candidates.

This memo might be helpful in saving some time with certain candidates. Please read on.

The work of automotive service technicians and mechanics has evolved from simply mechanical to high technology. In a report to Congress on the Job Training Partnership Act, the United States General Accounting Office (GAO) listed automobile technicians among the highest skill level occupations, on par with electronics technicians and computer programmers.
Technicians must have an increasingly broad base of knowledge about how vehicles complex components work and interact, as well as the ability to work with electronic diagnostic equipment and computer-based technical information.

Because car components have become increasingly computerized - 90 percent now compared to 10 percent just a few years ago - many experts in car repair prefer to the title "Technician" to the traditional "Mechanic." Technicians need mechanical aptitude and computer skills coupled with good math and reading skills.

Q: What is the most valuable skill an auto technician should possess?
A: Being able to accurately diagnose the source of an automotive problem is probably an auto technician most valuable skill. That skill requires good reasoning ability and a complete understanding of automobiles and how they work.

Please Note: As part of Car Techniks' goal to maintain a drug free, healthy and safe work environment, pre-employment and random drug testing will be conducted. All offers of employment are contingent upon successfully passing both a drug test and background checks.

Our Company:

We cannot even adequately convey to you on this page how truly different Car Techniks is from any auto service you have ever seen. You would have to come and spend a little time with us to fully appreciate how unique we are, but here are some features of our company:
  1. We opened our first shop in Houston, Texas in August of 1981.
  2. We service fine European vehicles only so we can provide better service and be more profitable than other shops.
  3. We know that dishonesty can sometimes be a fact of life in the auto repair business, so we have a MANDATORY WHISTLEBLOWER POLICY at Car Techniks where it is a terminable offense if any employee observes or becomes aware of ANY type of dishonesty by another employee, even a little "white lie", and does not report it to management. In other words, if it is not reported but found out, not only the offending employee is terminated, but also the one who knew of the offense and did not "blow the whistle."
  4. We've spent over $300K+ computerizing our service center. It starts with advanced, new functionality for parts procurement, a simplified approach that reduces the time to calculate an estimate by 85%; all the way through electronic customer check-out. Our system is giving us much better customer service, easier and more enjoyable work for our employees and additional profit.
  5. Car Techniks is a family owned company. If you're looking to get in on the ground floor with a company that is expanding rapidly, Car Technics stands alone.
  6. Our shop is very positive work environment. All of the equipment works, the shop is clean, our technicians are top-notch and we are very, very organized.
  7. We operate according to a strict process. Old habits may need to be broken. Our employees need to be, above all things, teachable and eager to take constructive criticism to help them be more successful according to our methods. We cannot continue to employ any person who is not loyal to our methods and does not support the way we run our company. We cannot succeed with lots of disagreement with how things are done.
Discrimination/Harassment Policy

There is ZERO Tolerance for Discrimination / Harassment, includes Age, Race, Religion, Pregnancy, and Sexual Harassment. Any Suspected Incident Should Be Reported to Management Immediately. Failure to Follow This Policy will be Subject to Discipline & Possible Termination of Employment. It is understood that employees of Car Techniks will conduct themselves professionally at all times. To report Claims/Complaints please email us or call the management (281) 257-9800.

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